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Official weight

I just got my car weighed on a Fairbanks scale (+ or - 20 lbs. accuracy) within 2 miles of completely topping off the gas tank.

2520 lbs. Which is about 2390 lbs. dry weight.

That is down 160 lbs. from my last weigh in. I removed the front and rear bumpers and put a RS America rear wing on the car. Also I removed the windshield washer system and the upper and lower insulation behind the rear seats. I installed a Deka style dry cell battery which has been good so far. It is called a BIG CRANK battery, but Deka is the actual manufacturer of these incredibly light and strong batteries. Much cheaper than Oddysey batteries and also stonger for the weight with better reserve life.

The car appears utterly untouched inside, full luxury interior, and the bodywork lines up perfect on the outside. Removed rear speakers, but stereo works fine up front.

Weight of items removed:

Big interstate battery 35 lbs.

rear bumper with shocks 45 lbs.

front bumper without shocks 25 lbs.

rear insulation- top 8 lbs. bottom 17 lbs.

rubber tea tray tail (kept the decklid, removed tail only) 27 lbs.

miscellaneous crap: fog lights, front shocks, washer system 34 lbs.

rear speakers 4 lbs. (not worth it, but too late now)

Weight of items installed:

Deka (big crank) battery: 17 lbs

RS wing 13 lbs

rear Getty bumper 8-10 lbs

front GT racing bumper 6-8 lbs

For a list of weights for items previously removed, search under 'weight' and pull up my older thread.

I had a f#cking miserable experience with a product I saw in a competitor's catalog to Pelican which ended up being a Better Bodies part. It was such a f#cking piece of **** that I simply threw it out and took a $550 loss right on the chin. F#CK YOU BETTER BODIES, YOU SUCK. I don't care how friendly your salesperson is, YOU SUCK.

The Getty bumper was a WORK OF ART.

The GT Racing bumper was ultra lightweight and fit correctly, but cannot be compared to Getty in actual quality although it is a fine part and great for racing.

Pictures will be released when the car is lowered and aligned again. Currently it is simply bouncing around on the suspension, and is about two inches over Euro ride height.

I am definitely done for now. The only thing I can do at this point anyway would be to turn the car into a stripped racer, and it just isn't worth it. At this point you cannot tell that the car has undergone an extensive weight loss program.
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