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Originally Posted by Alan L View Post
If I could work out how to copy a pic from a pdf file
Ah. Now, I may have clean fingernails and soft hands that I can inflict a near-mortal wound on with the mere slip of a screwdriver (this wasn't always the case), but i do know a thing or two about computers.

I'll post this in case it's useful to someone.

Copying the screen works - for some value of "works" (you lose information, because 75 or 100 dpi are typical screen resolutions), but a better way to do it is to convert the page from the PDF to a JPG.

Advantage being that you lose less information from the original PDF - unless you deliberately throw it away by selecting a fax-quality (150 cpi) JPG. (You do lose some quality anyway when you upload to this board, because it resizes images automatically to reduce disk usage.)

So how to do that? Ghostscript will read PDF and you can output to a JPG:

But it's kind of gnarly. Because it's actually intended to be something else (it's a Postscript interpreter that just happens to have a JPG output driver). So the GhostView graphical front-end to it makes it much easier to get the right page, select the conversion parameters etc:

That page has a download link for the Windows installer to a .EDU mirror that's often slow or flakey. Here's a page of mirror hits for the same (GSview48) executable;

And, gosh, folks still use Adobe to read PDF's? Try Foxit Reader instead. In comparison to the disgusting bloat/crashware that Adobe has become over the last 2-3 years - well, I'd PAY for Foxit. My own money, too. Happily, you don't have to because it's free:

It's tiny (2MB download - that's it, that's a complete installer), it loads huge (400+ page) PDFs really quite astonishingly quickly and snaps through them really fast.

Unlike Adobe, it never hangs for disturbingly long periods of time whilst it eats your resources. There's really nothing missing from it - except things like Chinese HTML form entry support and spyware. And I don't want those anyway. Heck, it doesn't even check for updates until you explicitly tell it to...

irfanview was a good steer by Nathan. If you have a version of Office that comes without Paint, try The Gimp - it's a free Photoshop, and yes, there are 'Doze installers too:
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