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Though I don't have one on my 965 intercooler (I have most of the parts for the install...just haven't gotten around to it), and have been a supporter of shrouds, here's another observation and/or consideration - I'll leave this to the smart folks to hash out - does having an open tail allow engine heat to escape better? Especially after you have parked the car. It's my understanding that when you first turn the car off, engine temps actually increase a bit, before cooling down. I'm coming at this from a daily driver perspective (non track), in which case a person might have a few stops in a given day, or might be idling in traffic, or encounter many off-boost situations. I've heard of a few folks opening their engine lid to let the heat escape when parking in their garages.

I understand that the idea is to better direct the flow of air through the actual intercooler with the help of the alt. fan that also helps draw air down through it. And what Tom Fool am I to question Porsche engineering that employed these shrouds in their designs. In a track car that's, hopefully, always moving, and moving quickly, I thinks it's a no the shroud. I've been without one for some time now...including when I had the B&B intercooler that the original poster now owns. I just haven't encountered any ill-effects in my daily driver world that says I need one. Obviously real data would be helpful here...beyond my silly little dash gauges.

Uuummm, I think I better zip up the flame suit, 'cause I have a feeling that I'm about to be beat up for what I just wrote above. Keep in mind: YMMV!

Oh well, have a laugh at my expense...what the hell do I know?
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