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Originally Posted by Cowtown10 View Post
I am going to contradict my last post but...
They aren't comparing apples here. In CDN dollars (which is par with US) a GT R is ~80K, Turbo's GT2, GT3 and RS are all $150K plus to $200K.

Maybe the performance numbers are close but a Porsche is Iconic, it stirs the emotion thats why we drive them.

My 23 year old 930 is still worth ~$30K. Show me a Nissan(Datsun), Toyota or Honda that is 23 years old, holds some kind of value intrinsically or monetarily that people still give the thumbs up to and say "nice car" when you are at a stop light. I especially like the comments about it is the car they had a poster of in their lockers in high school.

Long winded point...these tuner cars come and go..(see NSX, 300zx, Supra etc) soon to be GT R

Porsches are timeless

Old 930s and 911s are timeless because they possess the magic that is utterly devoid in the fat and soft 997TT.

There is nothing remotely timeless about a new 997GT3RS that still weighs more than a Corvette. Porsche has to lie about the weight just to pawn the car off on suckers expecting a light weight track machine, and instead getting a porker.

Porsche better get back to 'timeless' real quick in my opinion.
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