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Originally Posted by tfulmer1 View Post
Ouch. A little bias here don't you think?

I personally feel the Nissan simply kicks porsche's ass here. Porsche should be damn embarrassed. I am feeling the late 80s all over again for Porsche.

Is it heavy, yes. Is it ugly, I hate to say it but yes. But I can gaurantee that you guys rest your laurels on Porsche racing success. I love the 930 since it is the first car to successfully use a turbo to kick ass. I give it all of that credit, but you need to give Nissan credit too. (BTW I own a 89 930 cab)

Nissan GTP kicks the venerable 962 to the curb. Nissan 300zx TT drastically hurt porsche in the early 90s. Even the first Z beat the venerable 911 in its day for much less money. The difference as to why they will never be coveted is that we associate success with cash and rarity. Not everyone can afford the 911 so it gets raised on a pedastal....just like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani..etc. Nissan simply shows that they can beat the worlds best at a reasonable price. Porsche and Ferrari could also sell their cars for less money by selling more units, but it would kill the exclusivity that makes the marks. It would crush all of the arogant owners that support their business.

I still love the Porsche and I consider it my Family rocket (It has back seats)

I love my TT ZX because it is a great comfortable driver.

I admire my Ferrari because it is a no comprise drivers car.

All are great in there own way, but damn give Nissan some credit here!

PS. Why compare it to a GT2? Do you really want some Nissan tuner to change the chip in the car so it kicks its ass too? That will crush more Porsche egos. Be glad they haven't compared the two.
Not crushing any ego's here. Sure I give them credit, any auto manufacturer can build a fast car if that is their goal. Lets see how long it stays in production!

The 962/956 came before the Nissan GTP, so it is much easier to take an existing race car, and design something better, and I really don't even think it was better, by the time the Nissan GTP came the intakes on the 962 were so restricted I'm surpriused it still ran. In addition to the smaller intake, they also added weight to slow it down. I'm sure if it was reversed Porsche could have done the same, and they did with the 917. Same goes for the Nissan street car, I think any builder, given the right resources could build a faster car. But to stay on top, year after year as the benchmark for all others to follow, I do not see the Nissan's, Chevrolets, Fords doing that, (although the Vettes still hold their own). Lets see how long this car stays in production. Sure they come out with a car every so often that competes, but year after year like Porsche does, ha! The GTR (or what ever it's called) will be gone in a few years, just like the NSX, the M1 and all the others that I have forgotten, but the 911 in it's various forms will still be the benchmark to beat.

Look at what the've done to the Spyders so they don't dominate LMP1. I wonder if they have applied the same restrictions to the others in LMP2?

Porsche, Nothing even comes close.
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