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First, I am actually a retired LEO now and yes.... I don't think the radar jammer will go over well if an officer figures it out. Not everyone has my sense of humor

I don't want it to appear that I think traffic enforcement isn't needed. I just feel that tailgating, unsafe lane changes, reckless driving, aggressive driving, failing to yield, etc. are all, IMHO much worse and cause tons of accidents and AREN'T enforced. This BS routine of writing a ticket to very car you catch XX miles over the limit is about taking the easy pickins', generating activity and in some small jurisdictions $$. When I first moved form NYC to the suburbs I was shocked at the policy of letting almost every speeder get plead down to a $100 parking ticket. Why do they do this, does this automatic plea bargainingit discourage speeding?? No, it's because the state gets most of a speed fine and the local municipality get most of a parker.

No, I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted for a laser jammer this may be because.... as far as I know, they are legal in NY and the surrounding states that I frequent.

Just a thought, if you do use one you might want to consider quickly slowing down when it alerts/jams and then shutting it off so the laser operator will still get a reading. This way it would appear less like jammer and just that it took a few seconds to get a reading.

Funny story about you racing the cop. I recently had a Trooper pull me over for Speed/Zork sound and tell me he had a 951 and ask me to blast off so he could check it out. Most guys a real good, it is just frustrating when a few guys use no discretion and little common sense. I get the calls all the time from friends and their wives who get ticketed in their own small towns for very minor infractions, that could easily be handled with a warning. I think that coming from a different type of environment I just view speed enforcement way down on my priority as a LEO so my outlook is also different. I also know that many of the summons guys intetionally target Joe 6-pack, the Soccer Mom and the Businessman exactly because they are upstanding citizens. Why? Because they know if they target the vehicle or motorist that looks shady, they may end up having to make an arrest for suspended license, warrants, etc. and they don't want that. They want to write their summonses and go home on time, By stopping the "good guy" they do exactly the opposite of what a cop should be doing. RANT OFF...I promise this is my last post on this subject.
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