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With 9,600 "original miles", I guess you were never meant to even start it, let alone drive it!!! Not your doing, I know, it just peaves me to no end that these machines gather dust rather then being used!!!!! I mean for fuchs sake what do these people do, sit around and choke their chickens while staring at their pristine, unused car?

Keep in mind there are two fuel pumps and thus two fuel pump relays in the luggage compartment. The first two round relays closest to the windshield (both *SHOULD BE* red) are the fuel pump relays. There is also a fuel pump fuse on this same panel that has been known to cause trouble if it's not seated tightly between the two contacts. In addition, the wiring above and below this fuse can become brittle and even a little overheated...check it! You should be able to identify it using your fuse panel cover diagram...might also check the owner's manual. I will also look for a picture.

Bare in mind, the factory starting circuit for these engines, calls for the fuel pumps NOT to run unless the car is running...they don't normally come on with the just the ignition switched over. More on this later. So unless the wiring has been tampered with, the noise you might be hearing (like a whinning noise) is probably the CDI box.

Some other areas that can cause fuel pump probelms: in the engine compartment on the driver's side there is another fuse panel...hidden behind a black plastic cover, held in place with a wing nut. Under this panel there should be a yellow rectangular relay. This is the overboost relay. Often times these yellow relays are replaced with a standard red or black round relay. At any rate, check to be sure it's seated and that the contacts are clean. The overboost switch/sensor itself (found on the BOV/diverter valve housing) also needs to be properly grounded...I'll look for a picture.

Having said all of this, with 9,600 miles, I'm afraid that your other fuel related components could be suspect: WUR, fuel head, injectors, filter, lines, the gas itself...blah, blah, yada, yada.

As for this other device with the lights and the alarm...that sounds after market! Please post a picture for us.

Please tell us more about the car...
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