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Help a 930 Newbie out. Overboost/Rev Limiter Question.

OK, please no hijacks, if you can answer or contribute, great. If you have a tangental question or a great war story ...start your own thread.

I traded my stock 87 3.2 for a stock 87 930 (.8 Bar).

I drove my 3.2 as it was designed to be driven, I would hit the rev limiter at least once per outing.

Now I am in a 930.

Question 1. What is textbook Max RPMs for the stock motor?

Question 2. Does the stock 87 930 have rev limiter? If so, what RPM?

Question 3. At what RPM should the overboost switch cut the fuel?

Question 4. Should I just plan on shifting at 6,200 RPM to maximize the brute?

The reason I ask these questions is that I will also drive this car as it was designed to be driven but ... I do not want to grenade the engine if at all possible.

I took it out the other day to test for existence of a rev limiter. Nailed it in 2nd and at close to ~7k it fell on its nose. Felt more like no fuel rather than what I am used to with a rev limiter. I assumed overboost worked as designed.

Did it again but less abrubtly and took her up to 7k+ but did not feel any rev limiter or overboost so let off.

Both high rev situations were very brief. I was truly OK with the shutdown in scenario 1. That was what I wanted to see. The 2nd one concerned me. I wanted to see a repeat of the 1st run. That would give me the fail safe I want.

Additional datapoints:

Factory boost gauge pegged in both runs. Fun to look at. Impressive for the passenger. But for material information ..... worthless.

Also running a 935 Boost gauge with a tattletale. Not sure I am impressed with this either. Will leave tattletale at 1.2 and even 1.5 on a good hard run up and quick shift to 2nd. I doubt I really hit that much boost?

So there it is.

Your thoughts?
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