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Originally Posted by p930t View Post
I have almost the same problem...(78 3.3L Turbo)

Starting up on Saturday created huge smoke from exhaust for a few minutes. But there was no strange noises so i let her run until warm.
Then the smoking stopped. I took her for a ride and no smoking when driving, both on and off boost.
So, after parking and cooling i rised the rear end and took out the plugs to check compression , OK but noticed oil in no.6 cyl. . i double checked by removing air injection plug.... huge ammount of oil in the exhaust valve are on no 6. To much got ring or guide failure and the heads are freshly rebuild.

Removed IC and found it smeared in oil, oil in the turbo housing as well.

Not good. The engine is rebuildt after car has been sitting for 13 years. but did not rebuild the turbo since it looked OK. Well, the theory is that the seals are OK when running but letting oil trough when not running ( and i had run it a while on the starter to check compresion) and that oil in the intake manifold ran fwd and into no.6 when i raised the car. So i removed the turbo sunday and it is away for rebuild, it will be returned tomorrow.
But then the air box after the filter housing where the air mass meter sits also show alot of oil.....
This does not fit my theory, this must come from the turbo oil sump vent line.....
so what is wrong?

Could it be the scavenge pump that is failing on low rpm and that the oil is pressed trough the vent line into the air air filter box?
But why not smoking when i am driving?
Is the scavenge pump working on above idle RPM but not coping on idle? I do have a low idle (700rpm) and will adjust to 1000 when the pump is inn.

Is it necessary to clean it all up? or will it go away after a while?

Any suggestions are appreciated.
1.) As with any freshly, relatively speaking, rebuilt engine, always check your fittings as the first order of business. Check the suction side of the turbocharger sump pump. That is, check the lines from the base of the turbocharger all the way to the base of the turbo sump pump.

2. You may be flooding the turbocharger with oil. Many times people forget to put the little ball bearing back into the oil line fitting that goes from the top of the engine down to the turbocharger.

The turbocharger sump pump is not as effective at idle as it is at elevated RPM's. I always run the engine at 1500RPM for 30 seconds before turning it off just to make sure most of the oil is purged from the sump tank.

If you are sucking oil through the oil vent line off the oil tank, you will see a puff of oil smoke coming out the exhaust pipe when you lift off throttle during some spirited (but safe!!) driving.
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