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Originally Posted by x98boardwell View Post
I took my 930 for a spirited drive this evening. The oil temperature had risen to just below the 1st hash mark on the gage (194 F) and I was coming off an on-ramp and pushed the throttle all the way in 2nd gear.

When the car reached approx. 4500-5000 rpm it started to hesitate and at one point "kind -of" back fired on me.

Now, the car never did it again and I even attempted 2nd gear with hard throttle and no dice... just pulled like she was brand new.

I have a B6 Inter-cooler, K27S and GSF Headers. The car has been on the road for about a week or so since all of the upgrades and not acted up once since. The car also seems to hesitate when cold (I'm guessing fairly normal).

My thoughts,

1) Possibly running lean??? (The mechanic that checked my work and adjusted my afr's said that hew set it a little rich so the car would run better)
2) The car was too cold to introduce full boost to the equation? I thought it was just warm enough, so not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
I'm leaning towards plugs. If the plugs are loaded up with soot/carbon, you'll get a mis-fire. Once you have a good hard run on them the problem doesn't manifest itself again.........Until there's another opportunity for the engine to carbon up the plugs again.bKeep in mind your mechanic turned the screw to richen the mixture.
Were you driving around town at low RPM's prior to this incident?

I agree with the others'. Put the engine on a LM-1 analyzer and track the AFR's.
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