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Originally Posted by 930gt-40r View Post

The Force is a force to be rekoned with....
How ever the force can be broken by: passengers, crinkling rappers, bad music...any distraction.
Its just the knowledge of what to do, when to do it, and where to do it. You would be a chooch to rip on your car where there are open spaces with many trees- but if you wait for a nice stretch of road where there are gard-rails on eitherside where there are no suprises, you would then be using the force.
This is just a brief example of The Force.

The force has only let me down once and it was because the cop wanted to pull over a Porsche.

Heh, that's awesome Craig. I'd been withholding commenting on this thread as I'm in same school as you - runnin' nekkid, triple digit commuting, 15yrs + (pls save the preach 8-)).

Do I get pulled over? Sure, few x's / year some years. Tell you what tho, maybe 1% were ever for radar, or what's near 99% used here in sunny CT - f'n laser. It's all been visuals or the like, and I typically get out of them either roadside or in court.

But mostly, like you - just use the force. Use your eyes, pick your battles, use your HEAD.

I'd argue w/ Laser a detector might as well blurt out the dollar value of the fine you just got saddled with "BEEP BEEP BEEP THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY DOLLARS BEEP BEEP BEEP. D'oh.

OK, it *may* allow you to jab the brakes hard briefly IME, but typically that's just reducing the ticket your about to pay. I ran Passport Escort 4500 1000 years ago - if anything I like running 'something' as it's another piece of data to have onboard. Knowing when you went by a cop whether or not he targeted you is comforting, and then being able to look down and know "what he knows" so you can plan your impending dialogue accordingly heh heh.

Plus I switch between cars too often to bother. If I were to run one, the V1 is very appealing - but after reading here what I've read here on the 9500 likely sway me. Thanks btw F350Lawman for your insight on the Passport AND your rants on LE in general - I live f'n 3mi from the Sate Police f'n barracks, it's like pissing on a bee's nest. Sucks. Most of them are wicked d*cks on power trips, and employ all the bs you refer to. Lame. I screw with them back at EVERY chance - long story, but love watching them speed in town and reporting them. True story, once I followed one back to barracks after he rammed everyone off the highway going 120 (parked waaay far away), and witnessed him tossing cheeseburgers to his partners - no joke. I had a field day with that one and his superior.

Course last week, 3yrs later, Trooper Cheeseburger (as I've named him) bags me for my f'n TINT ($136 ticket btw, another 'not guilty plea heh heh) - lame. Different car now, so no revenge. Shows you what I'm up against here. If I don't get out of the ticket I'm sending happy meals to his office once a week every week until I get bored. Think I'm kidding? Issues...

Errr... sorry - end rant 8-).

Use The Force...
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