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Was just reading this post directed at one of the hater/doubter types on 6speed regarding Eddie's dyno run. Boy, that site really terrifies me. I'm sure they've got some good guys there, but man, I just don't dig the vibe...

i noticed that every single time someone, especially eddie bello, posts their dyno numbers, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS have something negative and pessemistic to say. i dont get what your deal is ... all you do, is talk about your "project car" thats been in the shop, getting tuned by, what, 5 different tuners now ?you call the HP #'s on proto cars BS... no one, except for you can have a high hp car...

your "950 hp" car has been in the shop forever, and you probably have NO CLUE as to whats being done to it...

you need to apologize to eddie bello and RPM (and the other guys, whose hp claims you bash), and give that man and his car respect. do you even know what kind of accomplishment it is , to have 1226 RWHP on 93 octane gas ? do you realize he works on his own car ? he custom welds his own metal works... headers, exhaust, etc

the guy ran 226.8 mph on 265/40/18 STREET TIRES...
he has a sound system in his car.. .

eddie almost never comes on 6speed, he doesnt even post his own dyno numbers. trust me when i tell you, having met the guy personally, he is not one to show off, or lie about his car and its numbers..

you on the other hand get sand in your vagina because theres someone out there, with an EXTREMELY non "high tech" 964 that will run laps around you car, when , i mean if, you ever do get it...

if you have nothing nice to say, then dont post anything man, we still think youre SUPER cool with your 996 turbo

be nice, and eddie might let you scrub his balls.. (its plainly obvious thats what you wan to do )
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