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Hey Yasin-

An interesting point you make there. I keep finding myself being tempted by those feelings of "regret" regarding buying a clean stocker when for what seems to be near to the same $ I couldashouldawoulda gotten someone else's abandoned build up and been wayway ahead of the game.

Everytime I feel those thoughts tho I try to remind mesself the inevitable realities of those situations. First is, building your own "whatever" is just that - your OWN. More importantly tho, remember why someone would build one up - to beat the bag out of. A clean stocker's more assured to be, well, clean.

DIY'ing your own ensures you'll have what you want the way you want it and that it'll be solid and fresh. No unanswered questions, finding things done weird (like that I/C install ^here^), you'll have all the OE parts to hold on to, etc.

Just my useless $0.02.

Agreed on the color here - could live with Purple Haze exterior but the interior is barfinducingly treacherous - *RALPH*.

Good luck...
I think we all are going to kick ourselves a little for buying a 930 when the market was at it's peak, but I thought about this a lot and what I believe is that I probably would not have the guts to buy a 930 in this current economy, so it is better that I just went ahead and got one when I did. If I had 30K just waiting to be spent nowadays, I would be seriously considering an economy vehicle as a second car, not a gas guzzler. It is clear that gas can hit $5 in the blink of an eye.

Gas is VERY VERY underpriced right now compared to a barrel of oil. EXTREMELY underpriced. In fact, contrary to what certain clueless politicians will claim, gas refiners are losing a huge amount of money right now because their cost of oil is huge and their profit on gasoline is next to nothing. This can ONLY mean higher gas prices to come.

Anyway, I bought a 930 when I was feeling good about the economy and now I don't feel good about the economy. I am doing fine, but at some point we are all in this together.

Furthermore, I bought a 930 which is spotless clean, no rust, nothing in the car overlooked. It may not turn out to be the best 930 deal out there but it feels like MINE. So I still like mine even if there are a ton of deals out there with more to hit the market as soon as gas sets some new all time records.

Timing is everything.

I don't believe that anybody is going to buy this purple car anytime soon.

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