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Chiming in. But I can't find an icon with a bell!

It's my car rsrmike is referring to and he knows it well.

The shock mounting points on the front are completely different between the SC and the C2. Although the exterior body looks the same, the chassis tub is different. The SC shocks mount on the sides of the tub using a strap and a bolt at the rear through a bracket. The C2 shocks mount directly to the front on of the tub using four bolts as i recall and are shorter.

What you have to do to use the factory C2 aluminum bumper is to fabricate a mount that uses the SC style mounting and adapts to the C2 bumper. I believe the C2 bumper mounts are a bit higher than the SC and closer together than the SC bumper by a small amount. What we did was to start with a set of Euro tubes that came off the car, cut and weld until they fit which was not easy. A lot of trial and error was involved, mostly error. The big problem is the C2 bumper fits into the bumper cover tightly and once it is together and fitted to the car there is little room to make measurements or trial fit pieces. I would strongly advise doing this work before the bumper cover is sent to the paint shop. I believe the hole spacing on the C2 bumper is the same as the SC so we used the ends of the original Euro tubes. It's been several years since I've had the cover off so my recall is off.

If I had to do it over again I would use the version we settled on as a prototype and fabricate a new part using tubing with a rear bolt added and metal stock. The Euro tubing material is thin and iI have never trusted the piece for strength like using the C2 tow hook. In my case that is not a problems as this is a track only car. Be prepared to spend both quality and non-quality time in this process.

As for mounting the C2 bumper cover to the fenders, the holes line up with the SC holes, I used the factory clips and screws. That is ok if you are using the factory bumper cover. The clip/screws will not support the weight of a fiberglass piece and will pull loose with motion and vibration. Use bolts with lock nuts instead.

I've posted this before in another thread but a warning. The aftermarket C2 turbo bumper covers (fiberglass) will not allow the use of the factory inner bumper. These parts have not been pulled from an original C2 turbo bumper and the angle of the slope at the top is not the same. I know as I went through three from three different so called manufactures and then sent templates to a couple others. When we built this car in 1997 The Racers Group was selling a front bumper that had been pulled from a real C2 turbo and all fit well. After many years a couple off course excusrions I went to replace the bumper which TRG no longer sells and ran into this problem. The variation is subtle but deadly. A factory bumper cover fits perfectly which confirmed what I had determined by measuring and conversations with one honest aftermarket supplier. In addition, all three of the covers had the dreaded left side twist but I was assured by all manufactures that their molds were unique!

As for the rear, I'm not sure as the original TRG piece is still there. I do recall the bumper shock mounting was at the same location and may have shortend the Euro tubes slightly to make it fit.

Sorry but I don't have an close up photos of the mounts.

Hope this helps.

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