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"If the fabrication is a 3-4 (out of 10... not 5) then I may be interested."

Time and a poor memory have a way of easing pain. It was a pain but then people define pain differently. It took a lot of time, trial and error to get it close to right. You will need access to a welder, cut-off wheel, scrap metal and a friend.

The best way is to mount the bumper cover and learn how it fits and how the inner bumper fits and start form there. The biggest problem is not being able to see and measure with the bumper cover in place and the inner bumper inserted.

"The other thing is how do I secure the flimsy material along the lower edge where on the normal C2 there are all of the bolts/screws along the bottom???, and on a fiberglass unit they are stiff enough to not need those added fixation points."

I assume you are referring to the two piece under tray used on the C2. The factory cover is pre drilled for the mounting holes and you again use clips and screws. Consult PET for the part numbers. As for aftermarket fiberglass the undertray pieces can be laid in place and holes marked and drilled. I believe the clips are large enough to fit over the glass and screws used to fasten the tray. The problem is using screws to mount a fiberglass bumper is that the weight will pull the screws out of the clips as the car bounces. Bolts. washers and lock nuts should be used.

I would not advise using the undertray unless your plans are to always drive slow. That tray is aerodynamically desigend to go along with the solid bottom of the C2 to reduce lift. The 930 requires some form of an air dam with the big tail at speed. The front end of a 930 will float at speed without a proper air dam and instant lane change is better than any cardio test you will ever do. Guess how I know? I would recommend an aftermarket C2 based fiberglass spoiler or a lip spoiler. I am not aware of anything from the factory for the C2 turbo but the same problems with aerodynamics would apply for lift. It all depends on how fast and how much cross wind you plan on driving in.

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