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Hey man, sounds like fuel pressure is a great place to start. Even if the static pressure checks out, make sure it's not falling off under a load. I had that problem with my old boss's 930 after we built the motor. It sat up for 10 years or so while he aquired parts and funds to build a monster. Meanwhile, the fuel tank stopped up between the screw in filter in the bottom, and the otlet hose to the front pump. The pumps were noisy too though. If you have decent pressure under a load but still have a lean condition after checking the map sensor, you could always try an adjustable FPR to raise the pressure some. It might be a hack way of compensating for a poor tune but just might get the job done. Raising the pressure should have little effect on the idle and low throttle AFR but as the injector pulse widths get bigger, the higher pressure has more of an affect. did you get any tuning software along with whatever "bin file" (map) the ecu is running?? You could possiblyobtain the tuning software still but I don't know if you can retrieve the "bin file" from the tec unit to tune it. You may also consider checking the MAP sensor, as well as the plubming to it. Electromotive uses a GM style map sensor and apparently there are 3 different units. a 1,2, & 3 bar sensor. The 1 bar is for NA motors as it is concerning "absolute" pressure. The 2 bar is for 1 bar of boost and less, and the 3 bar is for up to 30psi of boost. You cannot swap a 2 bar map sensor for a 3 bar without major changes to the ecu file, as they all use a 0-5v signal range. You can check the map sensor voltage against the actual manifold pressure with some sort of datalog equipment. You can check the readings against the charts in the electromotive manuals which you can download from their website. If you can't find it let me know and I'll scan mine from my tec3 books. If you have a 2 bar sensor and your running more than 1 bar of boost the map sensor could be damaged. just some random pennies, hope it helps. take care
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