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Originally Posted by fredmeister View Post
One time in band camp I added nitrous to my Hemi 930 turbo........
OMG, you have NOOO idea.

One time, I was at "overnight" band camp. And I hired this monkey to pretend it was me. I then waited until it was dark, and then I stole one of the canoes, and paddled over to the the girls camp...I think it was called Crystal Lake. The girls really learned to play a mean skin flute over there.... Anyway, I was only planning to do a panty raid. Well check this out: when I got there, there was this crazed serial killer with a macheti and a hockey mask!!! Needles to say...CHANGE IN PLANS!!

So I hot wired this hot looking MILF instructor's NINE-THREE-OH using only a rubber glove and a gum wrapper.

I got the hell out of there, dooods! So I check my rear-view and the crazy mofo with the mask is coming after me in a b!tchin' Camaro!! So I look down and find this "red button" on the shifter! So I press it, and the car does this crazy wheeeeelie!! I mean the front wheels were sticking straight up, doooods!!! I left his lame-azz in the dirt!

Moral of the story? Nawz, works...YO!!

Also, the monkey and I became the best of friends! Turns out it was a female! You guys have no idea what hawt, fury, sweaty monkey luvin' is like!!! They really are our closest relatives! Sheep ain't bad either!
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