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Originally Posted by 930gt-40r View Post
Boxxer six- post some dyno graphs of what that thing did, I am very curious to see how much of a diffrence that made. That must have doubled the airflow into the turbo. What are you using for engine management, I cant imagine that the mass-air pipe would fit on that turbo......
I'm actually looking for the last couple pulls we made right now but it seems that I was too excited to save the runs to file I do have one here that I think is the 3rd or 4th pull I did. Shows the 16g power curve that never falls off to redline.

What's the best way to post a PDF file for visual stuff here????

On the 03+ Evo's the engine management is just the stock computer. We can port access the PCM with a tactrix cable(via OBD2 and input) and flash the memory with any parameter we want for fuel and timing. We cannot control the stock BCS but we just bypass it anyway and install a manual boost controller. We've been able to pull upwards of 600whp on the stock PCM before we max out the MAS unit and have to go to a speed density setup and standalone EMS. I know of a few AMS built Evo's running ~650+whp(GT40R or bigger) on the stock management but I'm sure they're pushing the envelope farther than I like to. We use a Mustang Dyno up at Moon and always tune conservative(zero counts of knock) rather than push for that last 10-20hp. These Evo's like a low 11.2-11.5 AFR at peak torque to stay alive, and I usually bump up AFR to ~12.0-12.3 to lean spool the turbo a bit and help with low end torque. I've still got some more tweaking with this car I want to do but just ran out of time right now. Kind of a side project thing in between everything else.

I estimated about an 6-8% increase in airflow at upper RPMs as the compressor inducer diameter remained the same. Probably the main reason why the turbo doesn't fall off now. The intake is your typical Burschur Racing 3" piece with cone style filterJust setps up to 4" now to the compressor housing. I could make a 4" intake but the MAS is only 3" ID to begin with. The anti-surge machining(groove and ports) really works though as we can now drive the car hard and modulate the throttle without any sort of compressor surge or induced drivetrain "bucking" like it had before.

Oh and with all this I reverted the car back to the normal recirculatory style bypass valve setup instead of the boost-bleed style setup we were running prior to swapping the housing inplace to combat the surge.
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