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I believe all of these systems, from Accel to Zytek, from Megasquirt to Motec have quirks and gotchas. From monitoring the banter over the last 5 years, I've concluded that they all can work fine on a 930 if they're set up right and tuned properly. Some provide more flexibility or features that may be important to the user. The only system I'd personally shy away from is the Electromotive, both the early systems like the TEC1 (because it's so coarse, and I had one once) and the TEC3r (because of anecdotal reports of problems from DonE and others). But even that may not be fair to Electromotive or its users; many of their systems have been used with success.

It's our human nature to recommend that others follow the path we have chosen. ("I have a DTA. I'm happy with it. Buy it.") But that's not very objective. It validates our own decisions, and perhaps, we hope, makes our work product more valuable. Some people have a more direct, vested interest in promoting a product for their direct personal gain (dealers or reps). There's nothing wrong with that either; but it's helpful to understand everyone's motivation.

I think it keeps coming back to this, which has come out several times now:

The tuner is the key, not the system. I believe that even the smartest DIY guy who's not very experienced at tuning will spend huge amounts of time getting their car tuned right, and will suffer lots of frustration (and risk serious consequences) in the process. They may also spend lots of money on inefficient use of dyno time, such that it would be cheaper just to hire it done in the first place. And without dyno tuning, I wouldn't trust that the tune will be optimized for power or safety, and as such, I would be hesitant to run the car hard (as on the track) for fear of damaging the engine.

Trouble is, most tuners are also dealers, so it's hard to get a purely objective viewpoint on any management system. But maybe it doesn't really matter...

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