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Couple of Problems: Need your expertise please


I have a couple of problems on my 87-930 and would like to see if we can figure this out. Let's get started.

Problem #1: Sometimes (50%) when I am at WOT and I take my foot off the the gas and come to a stop, the engine rev's around 1500-1700 rpm's or so for about 30-60 seconds and then calms down. The only other time that it does this is when the car is cold per the WUR upon initial start-up. Also, my car does not have cruise control and has never done it under normal acceleration and load. What could be causing this?

Problem #2: When I start my car after it has been sitting over night (full cool down) it will start fine and then when I go to take off, the car will sputter (feels like running on 5 cylinders) until she get's warmed up... I mean first hash (90 Celcius) mark or something like that, not just a mile or two. Then, after I shut-off the car and walk away and come back a couple hours later or just a few minutes the car will run perfect like nothing ever happened for the rest of the day or as long as I don't let it sit overnight.

What we know: The car only does this when it is fully cooled down and sputters under load when releasing the clutch almost jerking slightly to get going. Once we are at 2,000 rpm and higher the car seems to be fine, but when I come to a stop sign, she settles at about 800 rpm and is rough (fluctuates a little) until fully warm where she will idle firmly at 950 rpm's. Also, the plug wires are new and tight, so this should not be a problem as it did not do this after the wire change. This is a recent problem.

What could be causing this only when the car is cold and then goes away? I cannot seem to find anything on this when I search as I do not know what I'm looking for. I'm looking for someone with similar problems that may know what could be causing this.

Picture of the car for motivation:

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