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spoiled by turbo power?

Just curious if anyone else feels that owning a turbo powered car has spoiled them from returning to normally aspirated roots? Especially one as raw as our beloved 930.

The reason I ask, is that a few months ago when I was in FL visiting my family, I got to drive my father's new (new to him) Triumph TR6. The TR6 sounded incredible, just like I remembered. The shifting was tight, the steering was tight, the suspension was tight, it was great having the top down, BUT boy did I miss that visceral power of my 930. Things happen so fast in my car. I'm always amazed at how quickly the tach needle sweeps. It's just brutal! In the TR, the power was much more slow to build. I'm not calling it slow, just missing some of that excitement, that I've grown to love. Different. The white knuckles weren't there. Don't get me wrong, I know full well that these cars are miles a part - this is an apple to banana comparison - I know that. However, before I entered the turbo world, cars like this TR6 were all I really knew. My roots are in early German and British "sports cars". These cars used to thrill me. Before I began sharing a bed with my 930 mistress, this TR6 would have owned me. Now, not so much. I appreciate it, like I do most cars, but some of the lust has worn off.

I used to think I'd keep my 930 until the right Austin Healey 3000 MKII (or even a minty 100-4) came around. A nice, "early" BMW 2002 TI is on my short list, as is another 356C. I'd love to do a long-hood 911 hot-rod. And I always wanted a fully restored Alfa GTV, too, and a nice 993 was always on the list. However, I fear that I'll never be able to walk away from the boost bong. Cars I would have given a limb to own in the past, now seem to pale in comparison.

I know we've got some deep pockets on this board, that have owned some pretty fine machinery over the does your turbo addiction compare to other cars you've owned? Do you find that you miss that little whistle when you're tooling around in something normally aspirated?

I don't think I can look back...
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