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yeah, the collapse of the largest bubble in the history of the world, $130 oil, $4 gas, $4.50 diesel, historical massive budget deficits and trade deficits, rising unemployment, rising inflation, foreclosure rates through the roof have nothing to do with it. It's mostly caused by the media.
Exactly. It's all just "the media" trying to make the Bush presidency look bad, which has been a successful, corruption-free time for the most part.

No, scratch that. I just thought that I'd try to think like a ditto-head for a minute and my head really hurts. The truth of the matter is the exact opposite of the premise of this thread. "The media" is not reporting half of what I consider bad news occurring in the world today, or burying it on page 10. At a time when civilisation is facing some of its biggest challenges in modern history, (over-population/clean water shortages/permanent climate change/economic re-organistaion), we have had the worst leadership in the history of the world. They've either ignored trends and let them run their course or manipulated the outcomes in the most unfavorable way imaginable for the free world. What "the media" has done has been to sell the advertising message of these crooks to a gullible and stupid public, making people believe that we must concentrate on angry muslims on camels 10k miles away and not on much larger threats at home. If the U.S. economy and our future sinks as a result of the idiotic policies of the U.S. over the last 7 years, (trillion dollar war+ worthless dollar anyone?), America's enemies have won 38-0 and we handed them the game.

I sleep in a warm bed and eat good food, etc., for now as well. Maybe I'm strange, but my concerns go beyond my own immediate interests and well-being. My family is well-educated and made wise choices that will ensure that we will remain near the top of the food-chain, but that is not much solace if our beloved country goes down the schit-hole. Less than 10 years ago we had the best U.S. economy since the invention of fire, people. "The media" has all of you under the ether. Reality bites, but hey, it's an acquired taste.

And just for the record, I'm enjoying life as much as possible. Fast cars, beautiful women, travel, the whole nine. That doesn't mean that I'm deluded about what's going on in the world, though.
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