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[QUOTE=v8_ranch;3989551] there an actual RPM you are revving to before declutching?


I would think if that is the case, it might be different for each shift.

Yup; and different for every MPH also .

I have yet to read on any of these threads what those RPM's might be for each shift though.

The RPM is determined by the gear AND the MPH when shifting.

Seems it's more difficult to 'splain double clutching than it is to double clutch .

This will hopefully answer your question.

1) Drive at any steady speed you choose in, say 3rd gear.
2) Note your RPM at that speed - let's use 4500 RPM here.
3) Shift into 4th gear, and maintain that SAME speed. Your RPM will, of course, drop.


4) Double clutch back down into 3rd gear, i.e.,
a. depress the clutch,
b. put the lever in neutral,
c. release the clutch,
d. rev the engine to the RPM that it would be turning if 3rd gear were engaged,
which is...4500 RPM!
e. with the RPM at 4500, depress the clutch,
f. move the lever into 3rd gear,
g. release the clutch - if you've executed everything perfectly (not likely, 'cept
maybe occasionally) you could side step the clutch, letting it fly up with its full
force, and there'd be nary a jerk or a shudder because everything is
perfectly synchronized,
h. Apply the same principle to all the other gears ya got.

Upshift double clutching is exactly the same, if you choose to do it, except for blipping the throttle to bring the revs up - when upshifting you wait for the revs to drop.

It ain't mysterious or hard to do. All it requires is tuning your ears to your exhaust note. You won't even need a tach (the old Chevy I learned on didn't have one). Once you get the hang of it you don't even think about it (like you don't think about how far to turn the steering wheel when you're driving ).

Oh yeah...fuggedabowdit on the track if you wanna win.
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