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I wasnt around when LBJ was Pres... though I have heard some of his taped private recordings and phone calls...he comes off as a Texas strong-armed, manipulator politico type who was only interested in covering his own ass.... he seemed out of touch with the responsibilities of the office, and by the end when he announced that he wouldnt seek another term, he seemed like a beaten, defeated man... he also died about a year later.

hmm.. some parallels there to the current guy.

Bush and Cheney never were conservatives, they're corporatists who smirk a lot. They pandered to conservatives in order to get elected with tax breaks that heavily favor the wealthy and anti-regulation stance for business, but they haven't "conserved" anything. Not jobs, not our standard of living and certainly not our place in the world economically or our future.

Like typical crooked corporate CEOs who loot companies for the personal gain of themselves and their rich shareholder friends, they took over the richest, most successful country in the history of the world at a time of great prosperity and proceeded to dismantle its assets like the mobsters in Goodfellas or The Sopranos do when they take over a restaurant or sporting goods store. Instead of taking a match to it, they'll simply walk away and leave the keys on the desk in Jan. '09. The Iraq war combined with a tax cut has been the single most irresponsible stewardship of the U.S. economy ever. It's run up record-smashing deficits that have murdered the dollar against foreign currencies and created the oil price/commodities boom. When you combine the out-of-control and possibly illegal speculating and price-fixing with their corrupt, worthless DOJ that could not find their dicks with both hands, it's party time down in Texas! Yahoo!! Viva Bush!

The deficit/weak dollar/oil price speculative boom will murder the golden goose that was the U.S. economy and it will take the rest of the world down with it. Combine the Iraq occupation that truly is the definition of a quagmire, (no foreseeable end-game), and do not forget the price of Iraq will grow with the cost of millions of gallons of diesel and jet fuel that is wasted on a daily basis there. Oh yeah, that's been going on for years. But the beaten-down U.S. worker/tax payer is going to get a new bill that reflects the price increase for diesel. It's $5+ a gallon now, was ~$1.00 when war started. Isn't that ironic? Don't worry, we're borrowing the $$ from the Chinese and Halliburton will be happy with the *cost plus* no-bid contract to sell us the oil/fuel. The higher the price goes, the more they make. So everyone is happy, right?

Being drawn and quartered down in Texas would be way too good for these guys. As mobsters you have to hand it to them, though. They make all of the other ones in history look like pishers.
well stated...I like your mafia analogy
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