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I sincerly dont think that you could every use E85 in a CIS car... In using E85, you need approximatley 40% more fuel for a given power setting. In a CIS system... fuel is metered through the fuel distributor. You can not utilize bigger injectors, unlike a EFI system. In an fully programmable EFI system ( MoTec, Link EFi, SDS, Fast, haltec, and more) you can change out the injectors for what ever fuel flow rate you need, also adjust pulse width ( the amount of time the injector stays open), and fuel pressure in order to get the desired flow rate.

Forget every myth about the fuel lines and rubber seals DOESNT happen!!! In the new flex fuel vehicles offered from the big three, all of the components are the same...other than the fuel injectors, and the engine computer. The computer, through sensors, knows when E85 is being used and makes the adjustments accordingly.

So, In short, yes, our motors will run on E85...and quite well I might add.... but not on the stock CIS fuel system.... Numerous poeple say that E85 is not the answer... and they are right, it is not the answer... for a replacement for petroleum based fuels.... but it is an alternative.... and a good one for turbo cars... 106 octane, burns VERY clean, and cooler as well.... all things we really need in a turbo car. You will not save money a=or get better MPG using E85.... but you will get racegas quality and octane ratings... at premuim gas ( 93 octane) prices.... that my friend is where its at...

Also, when you use it in a vehicle with a fully programmable EFI system, you can have two distinct and completely different fuel and spark maps...and in the case of my system (Link EFi), you can switch betweeen the two maps in a few seconds....

just for FYI... i have a very close friend who runs E85 in his car... a all aluminum 427 twin turbo AMC rambler...and he puts out 1648 HP....and still finding more... all on E85
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