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So right after I am thinking "oh, it COULD be just the clutch parts being offcenter causing the clunking rough running", I decided to do a leakdown.

This is where everyone can learn from my mistake, by the way, so pay attention.

I bought a Leakdown tester AND a compression tester at the same time. Both came with hoses suitable for screwing into a spark-plug hole. Both were about the same length. But one was slightly better due to fittings and stiffness of the rubber for inserting into a 911 engine. So I used that one.


So I read my leak-down settings, and with the valve in the hose keeping pressure up, whadyaknow, I had nearly-perfect readings on all cylinders! I mean like 98%, 97%, 98% and so on.

So I (not realizing I had completely faulty readings) thought well, I am good to go on the engine, spend all the money on the tranny.

I had the transmission rebuilt again, corrected the problem that caused me to miss the shift in the first place, replace the syncros again, etc, etc.

Then I loan the compression tester and leakdown tester to a friend, and told him (proudly) which hose was better. He tried them out and then called me - hey the hose you recommended has a check valve in it, so I took it out so I could use it for the leakdown, hope that is OK.

Luckily I hadn't put the engine all the way back in the car. Mind you, months had elapsed, and due to financial constraints (IE, I refuse to put another dime of money pit racing onto a credit card), I had been waiting to finish everything.

I get the leakdown tester back from him, and check it, and lo and behold the whole right side is at about 25%, and the left side is just around 75%-80%.

Good news! I get a rebuild! Bad news! Still waiting for that call from Mr. McMahon

A few weeks/months later the finances all started coming together again, and I took the engine over to Mr. Randall to do the engine work. The REASON the finances worked out was due to the success of my business, which meant I would be travelling. A lot. In April I was in town for a total of about 5 days I think. So no time (or energy) to work on it myself.

So he has had it since I took it over there. And we had to do heads and valves and other various things. And it was almost done 2 weeks ago, and as he was tightening the head studs, one snapped. Good news! There is no better time to break a head stud than on the mechanic's bench! Bad News! more cash, more delays.

So I missed our local club race, missed half our autocross/time trial season (this is not anyone's fault but mine, because I delayed a long time saving up for the rebuild).

But hopefully I will have it back soon. I have a new exhaust on it too, so I can't wait to see the upgrade in horsepower!

So there's the update. I chickened out and didn't do it myself (more of a time issue than bravery, I keep telling myself
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