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I am glad this discussion has expanded.

When I got home from work, I went immediately to the garage for some tweaking. I did notice right off that with the fuel pump running (mine is jumped through a kill switch), that I had flow in the #6 injector, with the airflow plate down. This is the home rebuilt head. I am guessing either I dicked up something when I reassembled it (not sure exactly what, and it wasn't doing this when I first installed this head). The next guess is the axial scratch on the piston is allowing fuel to get into the slit for #6, some thin Alan alluded to earlier.

I did get the car running and took it for a ride around the lake. It was running a bit rich, and when I got it on boost, it did go briefly to 10:1 on my AEM AFR gauge. It was nowhere near the richness I had with the IA head on it. I brought it home and am waiting for it to cool so I can tweak the WUR again. I have decided I will live with the fuel on #6, theory is that maybe it may go away, lending creedence to the scratch/slit alingment theory.

I do recall seeing a manilla wire tied shipping tag on my IA head when I unpacked it; it was from somewhere in Texas. I can't recall the name on it.

BTW, that thing, even running pretty crappy, sure has a lot of jump at 8 PSI.

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