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Originally Posted by beepbeep View Post
Hej Kjell!

Good work on water/air intercooler! You are one of few that pulled the installation, congratulations!

If installing EFI, I certainly recomend using som sort of BOV as it's function is to protect turbo from pressure surges and doesn't have much to do with fuel system. With other words, you need BOV regardless of which fuel system is being used.

If hunting for power, I recomend using Carrera plenum as it flows much better than OEM 930 plenum. It takes more place in engine compartment but as you are using water/air intercooler, place probably won't be the problem in this case. Note that Carrera plenum and 930 heads won't port-match and certain head work must be done. There is info and pictures about that in the forum archives.

OEM plenum is compromise so they could fit the intercooler. It flows badly and has uneven flows to cylinders.

For 550hp you would probably need to ditch KKK turbo (HF or not) and go Garrett, CIS will need to go as well.

The big radiator in front, is it oil cooler or cooler for water/air heat exchanger? If it's used for heat exchanger, it's fairly overbuilt. Heat that needs to be cooled by water/air exchanger isn't so big.

Good thing with water/air is that you can problably route a part of water return trough eventual Garrett turbocharger water-mantle an thus solve usual Garrett watercooling dilemma without extra hardware.

Best regars.
thanks Goran

The radiator in front is only for cooling the water, i did make it as big as i could because it's not negative to have it oversized. I see now that it didn't need to be as big as i made it. When i run with 0,8 bar boost over a longer period the water pipes does not almost get hot at all. I have not checked and logged the air temperature after the intercooler but i will. With overzized radiator, I also have possibility to add the clima condenser to the water loop later, but for now that must be a next year project.

Actually i was thinking to use a megasquirt for controlling the injection and the ignition. I have used this system before and it worked well (but that was on a 3.0 sc and not on a turbo engine).

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