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parts installed

Well gang, the deed is done. I finished the install early this morning, and it started on the first try. Everything was pretty straight forward and I only ran into one hiccup: interference with the left side fan ducting. Even though I have the later style sheet metal that wraps around the dizzy, as I tried to dial my timing in, the dizzy body hit the ducting and wouldn't allow me to turn it any further. The JB Racing dizzy has three slight "ears" around it for the cap to screw into, and this created some clearence problems. Needless to say, my German/Irish/Lebanese Catholic temper took over and I went Bruce Lee on that MOTHER F_CKER!!! After taking a sawzall and hammer to the sheet metal, I was able to create just enough room for the dizzy body to turn. Being that I no longer have heat, I have a proper block-off on order from current ducting is no longer pretty!

I was even able to use my factory 965 boost pipe, without modification.

Being that the JB Racing spark plug wires come extra long to aid with wire routing, the cap ends are unterminated, so you can cut them to length. Mike Bruns supplies the boots and connectors. So after about the first five wires, I soon became an expert in the art of spark plug termination! The bottom wires are black, the top wires are red...same for the coil wires.

To keep it simple, I have the advance locked out in my dizzy and have my total timing dialed in based on lots of experience with my Electromotive settings. To be conservative, I'm running 20 degrees total until I can finally reach a dyno.

How does it run? If I thought that my car was easy to start with Electromotive, now all I have to do is breath on the ignition key and it fires!!! Just stare it and it will start and run, even cold! It also idles smoother. The car feels to have more torque and the acceleration is crisper and a tad quicker on the low end of the tach; from a stand still up to about 3,500/4,000 RPMs. It just seems to pull steadier and with greater authority. Above 3,500 RPMs, I really don't notice much difference, and this is where a dyno would reveal what's going on. I expect things to further improve by increasing my spark plug gaps, but I just ran out of time for that, so I'm still running the smaller inductive ignition plug gaps.

Though I'm thrilled with this JB Racing setup, I will say that the Electromotive XDi is an excellent "turn-key" alternative that has plenty going for it. It served me well, and never once let me down. I've just always lusted after the big ignition distributor, and as I already mentioned earlier, Mike Bruns and JB Racing are a class act that exceeded all expectations!

I'll post pictures soon...
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