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Originally Posted by juicersr View Post
Well, the saga continues. The honeymoon is over it seems, and the tuning reality is rearing its ugly head. As a followup to the prior post 930/4 Dyno day... the good, the bad and the ugly, fixed fuel pressure issues and are now running into tuning issues with the TEC1 system. Pretty much going nowhere fast, as calls to both Clewett engineering and Electromotive have been unproductive to say the least (no suprise to you guys i'm sure) My question is this.., if i go with say a Spectre or MS2, or whatever ECU, will i be able to keep any stuff from my present system (coil packs, crank trigger, etc) or will i have to ditch the entire system and start from scratch. My tuner is pretty savy with EFI tuning and installs in general, but is a little daunted by starting from ground zero with new system on this car. I have read just about every post here on EFI, and it seems that the Spectre, DTA or MS2 ECUs seem about equally good, but would one 'interface' with my existing system?. I am most familiar with MS, as i tuned my 911SC it, but this is a whole new level. What would you guys do in my position?
You didn't mention what the problem was. If you did, I might be able to help you. I doubt that you need a new system, unless the ECU is fried.

Does it idle? If so the sensors, injectors, and crank signal are working.
Did you observe the timing with a timing light, and does it match what you programmed in for idle (be sure car is fully warm)? If not, you might have a reference offset not calibrated properly.

How did you size your injectors, and what kind are they?

I don't rely on brand names or "cults of personality". EFI is a technical issue, with technical solutions. Work the problem. Don't get frustrated. Use these boards to help you along by saying what is wrong.

For those who haven't started yet on an EFI system, here my biggest piece of advice, "separate the variables". Get the fueling working first with the stock ignition, then add ignition control. Be conservative with your target A/F's (like 12.8 or so), then start dialing in the timing.
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