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Your a 930 Guy or Your Not

I'm older than dirt and I have a junk Pump and Cancer and I going to tell you a story about a dream.
In 1976 I was working full time with a wife and three kids I was in the 5th year of 7 years of nite school to get my degree. Every nite on the way to school I passed the Porsche dealership and cruised the lot before going home. Thats when I saw my first Turbo and it took my breath away.
I started reading everything I could find about Turbo's and always telling my wife that was my dream car. One nite I drove through the lot and my Turbo was gone and I was crushed. There was no way I could ever been able to afford it, but some how it seemed like looking at that damn car was what kept me going 70 to 80 hours a week. When I got home I told my wife the Turbo was gone and she replied "it's just a car" and I told her "you don't understand it wasn't just a car, it was my dream".
I finished school and got a better paying job. I found a 76 911 Coupe in the local paper. It wasn't my Turbo but it was a Porsche. I got the old girl home and spent countless houres cleaning and repairing untill she looked and ran pretty nice. I sold her about 6 months later and made about 3 grand on the deal. I continued to buy one, fix it, and sell one for the next few years totaling about 22 Porsches. I had speedsters, 914-6, 74 Carrera Targa, and even a 73 RS Lightweight with 36,000 kilomoters on it. I had everything except my Turbo.
I flew to OKC with a friend on a Fri. nite to pick up 2 early SC's I had presold. On the way back I was dirving a really nice 82 SC Euro Coupe that had the nicesest new leather aftermarket steering wheel I had ever seen. When I got home we were cleanng them up for delivery and I decided to swap out that steering wheel for a stock wheel I had. I took that wheel and hung it on a nail in my garage. Nearly everyone who came over commented on the damn steering wheel and I would just say " Thats for in my Turbo"
Well that wheel hung in 5 garages in 11 years and now it's in my Turbo.
Last week I looked at a great 2002 993 Cab for a friend, I call them "pointers" because you don't have to know how to drive them you just piont them. I brought the 993 home to show my wife and she fell in love with it. Of cource my wife says " Why don't you sell yours and get one of those " I simple said you don't understand; you don't sell your dreams"
That old Turbo is raw, hard, brutal, scary fast, and tries to kill ya everytime you drive it but it still makes me see God. And God I love that Old Sled
Your a 930 Guy or Your Not and there just isn't any in between!!!

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