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Todd, Tom...

Todd, I also spoke with SDS, they said you called. It comes down to the ECU computer software which drives the coils only has a single program output, and the Ford hardware would need a custom software program versus what they use for the SDS coil pack.

The SDS manual does have a simple instruction for installing your own trigger magnets, but I can see this being a little fussy. I've determined that you need a cast iron pulley, not a stamped steel one. My own engine was a USA 1979 with A/C. It's pulley was two groove, 5" diameter, cast iron. I machined off the A/C groove because I removed my A/C hardware.

I prepared one pulley for another guy and I think it was an old pre SC pulley. Cast iron, fan groove 5" dia and then a small second groove, say about 2.5". These cast pulleys have just enough meat around their perimeter to insert the magnets the recommended amount. The only way to utilize a stamped pulley is to add a disk to the engine side of the pulley and mount the magnets into this disk. I do have a spare two groove late 930 pulley here which is A/C, the problem is it's stamped steel, not cast iron.

I've asked around a little to see if I could locate some extra cast 930 pulleys without any luck, but I have seen some of the older cast pulleys with the small second groove.

I'm not in business, nor expect to profit from any work resulting from Pelican's forum, so perhaps I come up with a simple indexed drill template which I mail to you, and you cover my cost of materials and postage.

Tom, *if* I can easily create a disk for my spare stamped 930 pulley, I'll sell you the pulley if you would likewise cover cost of material and postage.

Shipping me anything from the US is either very slow by usps, or costly if I receive it by UPS due to dumb brokerage charges.

Certainly happy to help you guys with this. Let me know which pulleys you have.
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