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I prefer to work alone and I've done mine several times. Yes, the first time can be a learning experience. You'll be a pro for the second one!

If you are working alone, it's a good idea to keep a cell-phone handy.

Here is how I remove mine...install would be the reverse. Key thing for me is not keeping the car jacked up so high when I'm taking the engine/tranny out and when installing it. I just never feel safe working with such a heavy component while the car is up so high.

So for the install, I'd have the car jacked up enough to roll the engine/tranny underneath and centered approximately where it goes. Then I slowly lower the car back down over it until the wheels are back on the ground. Then I jack the engine/tranny up the short distance and bolt the engine/tranny mounts.

I posted this in another thread about removing the engine:
-Once you've gotten everything disconnected from the engine/tranny assembly, lower the car back down to the ground.
-Remove the entire rear bumper (valence and all)'s easy to do, and will save you several inches of height.
-I bought and modified a furniture dolly. Instead of looking like a square it now looks like a "U".
-After I have centered the dolly under the engine (placed as such so that the engine and tranny will be properly balanced when they come out).
-I place my floor jack inside the "U".
-There is a point on the engine case, just behind of the engine/tranny bell housing, this is a good balance spot to place your jack on.
-keep in mind the car should still be on the ground.
-Firmly support the engine/tranny with the jack...put some padding in between the jack and the engine case.
-Unbolt the tranny mounts.
-Unbolt the engine mounts.
-Slowly lower down to the won't have far to go because you didn't jack the car sky high. Make sure you do this slowly so that you can be sure you've disconnected everything.
-Once the engine/tranny is on the dolly, remove the jack...that's why you need the "U" in the you can get the jack out.
-Then jack up the car, and roll the engine/tranny out from under it.
-Once it's clear, lower the car back down tot the ground.

All of the above assumes that you are using a quality jack and quality jack stands. NEVER work under a car supported just by a jack!! NEVER!
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