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Rite of Passage

So it is midnight yet again...

Today was the day of duplicating efforts. I learned the intricacies of 930 jig saw puzzle.
A few things that were not in any of the books...

1. Don't install the #1-3 header until AFTER you install the crossover pipe or else you will have to remove the just installed header so that you can install the crossover pipe... at least for the stock euro exhaust (I have no idea about others)

2. Don't install the the turbo and associated plumbing until AFTER you have the drip tank properly situated or else you will end up removing the just intalled turbo and associated tubing, get everything situated and try again.

3. Don't trust the guy at Advanced Discount Auto Parts to sell you a pump/siphon to fill your tranny unless you want to get about 2/3 of a quart in your hair, all over your clothes and basically everywhere else (this is the same guy that told me that all I should need to do is remove the shift lever cover and pour the fluid down the open hole )

4. Don't let the clutch spring pop you in the head while you spend two hours trying to figure out how to get the damn thing compressed so you can install it only to find out all you need to do is pull the arm forward, put in the spring and pop the arm back... that takes about 30 seconds (I vividly remembered a quote from Atlas Shrugged, "If A does not appear to equal A, check your premise". In other words, none of the ***** is that hard... if it appears to be hard, go inside, drink and beer, go back outside and realize you were overthinking it )

Other then that and the gash on my forehead that almost knocked me cold from the bumper mounting points everything else seemed to bolt back together. CV joints are torqued, shift rod is screwed together (although I need to splice a new connector on the back-up switch and speedometer, and tranny is filled with Mobil 1 gear oil for break in so I don't leak fancy Swepco all over the floor.

I forgot what the car looks like with a muffler...

In case anyone is wondering what the hel! I am talking about in #2 above, here is a picture of the little b@stard for posterity...

And finally, I had to go searching for the IC as I could not remember where I had stored it three months ago

Looks like I should be putting spark to fuel tomorrow morning sometime. I will leave the bumper off for the gas leak checks and then take it for a ride. Maybe even drive it to Orlando in the afternoon since my wife wants me to take her to Disney... yeah right, like everything is going to go that smoothly

Anything I should double check before I hit the key???
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