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Rough Day

So if you followed the other posts you know most of the story already.

I started at about 9:30 this morning. Got all the miscellaneous stuff hooked up and cranked the motor without fuel pump relays. Got oil pressure after the third cranking. Found a few quick oil leaks. Apparently I did not tighten the turbo oil line down tight enough cause it started leaking as soon as I had pressure.

Once I got that tightened up I cranked again and found a leak that appeared to be the oil cooler... hmm, new seals and proper torque on the mounting nuts. WTF??? Yeah, not really the oil cooler. Guess what part I forgot to put back in the car... I am embarrassed to say it, the freaking oil filter. When you leave the oil filter off, oil will in fact come bubbling out of the fitting... please forgive me.

So anyway, after getting that retarded mistake rectified, I cranked it again and did not have anymore oil leaks.

I inserted the fuel pump relays, turned the key to "on" and depressed the CIS plate. The pumps started whirring and I could hear pressure building.

Finally I hit the key... and it cranked and cranked and cranked. Yuck... no start scenario. I cracked open the #5 injector line (easiest to get to) and fuel came out. So we had gas. Then I got my wife to turn the key while I held the #6 plug wire to a ground and watched a big fat spark jump the gap. Fuel and spark... uh oh, what did I do wrong???

Someone on this great board turned me on to the idea of using a timing light to check the timing. After moving the dizzy one tooth and then moving it back a tooth... and finding some paint tubes from my kids craft bucket I was able to verify that spark was dead on TDC. Next logical step was to say I had it 180 out... I had installed the dizzy on the TDC for #4 instead of #1. I was getting some awesome backfires through the AAR. One puffed me right in the kisser when I was poking around and having my wife turn the key.

After getting the dizzy rotated she roared to life as I hit the key. Okay, maybe not roared, but putt, putt, putted to life and settled into a decent idle. Really ran rough. Once I set the idle timing it was running a little better. Had my wife rev it to 4K and beep the horn and checked the timing again. At first it was a little off but after rotating the dizzy a hair we got it dialed right in. (Word of caution... if you do this with the bumper off, the exposed muffler will burn the ***** out of your leg after a little warming up).

My wife thought it would be funny to take a pic of me screwing with the dizzy with my head in the engine bay. Dang, that little adjusting nut is a pain in the neck to loosen and tighten!!!

So I got her running, cleared most of the smoke (bye bye mosquitos), got it timed and decided it was time for a check ride. Fingers crossed that I could find reverse. Clutch felt soft but allowed me to engage reverse. Backed down the driveway in front of the gawking neighbors like a proud papa. Put it in first and started to roll off. Bang... she pops out of 1st gear. Hmm... okay, maybe everything needs to wear in. 1st again... hold it in there... bang. Oh *****... I am halfway past our house with people watching. Shift to 2nd and will it to move off all the while thinking about how Wayne says not to lug a fresh engine!!! Go around the block after checking third gear and roll into the driveway. Okay, lets try first to get it in the garage. Bang, no dice. Coax it into the garage and shut her down.

Come inside all the while remembering a blog I read about getting things back in a particular order facing the correct direction. After looking at the pics I determined that like an idiot I did in fact install first gear fixed backwards (thank goodness I took as many pics during rebuild as tear down). The little lip on one side of the gear allows the slider to move just an extra hair to fully engage the gear.

Long story short, motor has to come back out. So I pushed the car in the garage, pulled the muffler and unhooked everything in the engine bay. I did not touch anything under the car yet. Instead I modified my furniture cart with a little plywood and a nice notch to fit the jack in. This time I will not pull off the exhaust so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it goes a little easier.

Now I am just wondering if I actually have to unmate the engine and tranny or can I rebuild the tranny with it still mated to the engine? Anyone ever done that?

Oh well, just another day as an incompetent, over confident DIY'er. I guess wisdom comes from making mistakes... at this rate I am going to be freaking Confucious. Man who walk through turnstile sideways is going to Bangkok...

On one hand I am really disappointed that I could not get this on the first try. On the other hand I am kinda relieved that I know exactly what I need to do to make this right. Oh well, see you on the other side.
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