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I was taking my car to it's new garage the other day. I took my uncle along with me as he witnessed the building of the car but had not experienced the finished car. So I gave him a ride from my shop to the house. Well...........I strap him in and we are off to the house (he's in his 70's).

On State Road 80 there is a daily visited Sheriff officer in a unmarked Charger that loves to nail everything in site that he can. (Yes, I did completley forgot about the pr*^*!)

I pull on to State Road 80 as the traffic stopped at the light and I pull out and stand on it as we all love to do...... I only did a 1st, 2nd, blast and then took it down to 45 thinking I should be OK. wrong!!! My wife is behind me in my truck, and after I let off from 2nd the Escort in the truck starts beeping away. My wife is laughing as when open waste gates open up if anyone is near it they WILL rip their heads in your direction immediatley. And the cop was finishing up with a client and was trying to reposition himself to line up for another client. Well I... end up getting his attention real quick with my 1, 2, blast. She said she watched him fumble with the radar gun as he dropped it. I atleast had it up to 100+ before I let off. I drove about 1.5 miles and looked in my mirror and noticed the COP finally behind me. You know that feeling you get when you realize you just been busted. Cruising at 45 waiting for him to signal me over. He finally pulls me over and as he is coming out I got out of the car as well. (For some reason COPs don't like it when you get out of the car??? at this time my wife calls too, I have to call you back!!!!!!!) I apologize and explain my showing off to my uncle, which isn't a care in the world to the cop. The officer first tells me he clocked me at 70 after I shut it down, I couldn't argue. He then takes forever to write the ticket or atleast it felt like it. And finally comes to me happy as can be with a new piece of paper with a convienent self addressed stamped envelope and say's I gave you a break becauce I could have charged you double in a construction zone, so $231 it is. Then he say's man that is a sweet car...... Why don't you donate it to the Sheriff's aggressive driving division? You can only imagine my thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom line when you romp on it with a unmuffled wastegate, it is going to attract attention. Just make sure the coast is clear.
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