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I’ve been watching this thread for a bit and thought I would chime in. When I first saw this video I was wondering, how much HP does the Porsche have? They made is sound like there was something wrong with the Corvette. Not at all. The Porsche wins because it has more power. First, the Porsche has more peak HP. Second the Porsche’s turbo motor likely delivers more power under the curve because it’s a turbo. The nice thing about turbos is you can set the thing up to produce peak torque (sometimes limited by the maximum safe torque allowed by some other part of the car) over most of the rev range. That ability to produce a broad torque range is why a turbo car with “less” HP is often just as fast as a NA car with slightly more peak power.

The problem with the video is they don’t actually mention that the Porsche has more power. Had they given the power stats for both cars I don’t think anyone would be surprised.

I also wanted to address some of the leaf spring comments. Those who thing less of the Corvette because it has “leaf spring” suspension are really just showing how little they know about engineering. That would be as dumb as saying 911’s must handle badly because they have strut suspension… just like a Chevy Cavalier.

The Corvette actually has double wishbones at all four corners… just like the Carrara GT. However, rather than using a coil spring to push the arms down the Corvette uses a cantilevered spring. That spring happens to be higher tech than a simple steal coil. It has more energy density than any alloy spring. It is also, just used as a spring.

Many people, rightly, bash “leaf spring suspension.” However, what they have formed their opinions around is actually a live axle supported by leaf springs. Yes, there is a reason why that type of suspension is no longer used on any car sold in the US. It really does have a lot of performance limitations. However, none of those limitations apply to the Corvette.

Leaf spring suspension has friction between the leaves of the spring… well not the corvette as it has a single leaf

Leaf spring suspension has a heavy unsprung axle… unless we are talking about the Corvette which uses independent suspension.

Leaf spring suspension isn’t independent due to the live axle… see above.

Leaf spring suspension doesn’t do a good job of dealing with side loads because the leaves can twist… unless you happen to support the axles with double A-arms like the Corvette.

Really, there are reasons to bash the Corvette but this video isn’t one and neither is the rather clever and quite advanced leaf spring.
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