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Thanks Goran. I am running out of possibilities for this metering problem.
The wide band AFR shows leaness everytime I apply throttle - if I am at idle of say 11, it will go to 13-14 with slight throttle, and bog down until reaches boost range. Then AFR will drop to say 11-11.5, and power comes on. These numbers alter with control pressure. I currently have it set about 10 psi below proper value. If I use proper value CP, the leaness goes out to 15-16 and it misfires/backfires badly. But it idles erratically too - the AFR changes after each boost run.
I had it tuned ONCE where I had reasonably smooth power from 2000 rpm (bogging below this) by dropping the CP 10 psi. The AFR hit 11.5 on boost and crept up to 12.2. I was pretty happy with this, but cannot get it to do it again. I have since installed new injectors too, to help the low end power. But it still runs like crap below boost.
One side of the dual exhaust outlet is always cold, while the other is hot - which is weird, but I supect connected.
I am seriously considering digi WUR (same price as new injectors). But am very worried it is not the WUR that is at fault, and same problem will persist.
Just did compression test (all between 125-130) - which is consistent with my earlier leakdown test - 2-3%. Just thought I may have burnt a valve, or cracked a piston ring etc. The problem is sooo persistent.
Would electrical -ignition problems cause this. Have put new plugs in. About all left is new leads. They look fairly new - but hard to check - they have air gap units in them.
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