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Time for the next round of mods... needs some advice.

Howdy, I'm about to invest another round of funding into my car and have a couple of questions that ideally y'all can help me sort out.

1) a/c

I have had thoughts of betrayal and thought about "upgrading" my 930 to a newer model with real a/c. I know I'd kick myself if I sold her and owning both is not a smart move for me at this stage so I'm going to try to get the cars a/c to a "tolerable" level. What does that mean? I dunno... I have a very capable wrench and he's proven to get it to "close to tolerable" with factory components but it really is still too hot to drive comfortably many months out of the year.

Iím willing to invest a few grand if I know Iíll get a kick ass result. The problem is there just doesnít seem to be a definitive answer. Am I doomed to try my luck with any of the ďkitsĒ out there and cross my fingers?

This really is a huge issue for me because I drive it only a few thousand miles a year and Iíd drive it more if I didnít sweat my ass off most of the time. The last time I posted about this in 2004 nothing really seemed to be a sure bet, is there anything else out there now that has given consistent results? If I donít figure this out Iím either getting a lift in my garage for the 930 or doing the unthinkable and ďupgradingĒ to a modern turbo.

2) Interior Upgrade ~ More Vents!

If Iím going to go for broke on a custom a/c I am thinking about what else I need to do to the interior to make it more comfortable and I figured more vents would likely help the equation. Iím thinking about where to place vents and I can only come up with either removing the center console all together to open it up somehow or installing a 993esque center console and putting some extra vents in that.

There is a gentleman on here with a black 930 and this kind console but Iíve forgotten who it is, perhaps he can chime in because I saw it first on his 930 and thought it was sweet enough to copy.  I just donít know if I could run vents through the back or not. Also, does anyone know where to source such a piece?

I donít track the car more than an occasional DE so weight is not much of a concern to me but I donít know of any other approaches. Any ideas out there?

3) Headlight Upgrade and Paint

I have always thought the Sugar Scoops didnít look as good as the more popular Euro look. I have owned the car for years and still havenít upgraded but Iíve decided to go ahead and do everything else I want to with this round of mods so I guess it is time. The only problem is my carís paint has been waxed so much over the years that it has faded a little bit. I definitely donít want to go with the chrome or black rings so I want to color match. Can modern paint guys do this?

4) Motor and Other upgrades

Ah yes, then the slope gets REALLY slippery. Iíve got all the basic bolt onís except headers and the car is great for how I use it. The only thing I think I would do is put on some B&B Headers to match my muffler and or go with a zork. My car sounds plenty nasty as is but a zork has piqued my interest. I donít want to mess with the CIS or get too crazy but what else should I be considering after what I think are most of the basics? (k27, B&B muffler, MSD ignition, heavy duty clutch, adjustable koniís, front strut bar, ss brake lines and street/track pads)

I donít need 750 hp and I donít want to drop $25K on the motor but is there anything else I should have that Iíve just missed?

Thanks for reading and please let me know your thoughts.

Oh, and since everyone loves pics:

1986 930 ~ 355 rwhp and 391 rwtq
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