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Whew. This was a PITA, but I just got it done in a coupla hours.

WARNING - the headlights will automatically cycle if manually adjusted (with the black knob) a certain amount. So disconnect power before rotating that knob! The headlight motors have enough torque to sever fingers! My kill switch helped here.

Turn on the key, and standing by the drivers' door, turn the lights on and off several times. You're checking to see if they are all the way down in their travel when off and all the way up when on. Both of mine would go down slightly before coming up. So the retractor arm is mal-adjusted relative to the motor. Note whether you need to set the light "back" or "forward" on the rotation.

Go into the front trunk and remove the black plastic covers over the retractor mechanism. DISCONNECT THE POWER! Turn the black knob on the motor until the retractor arm is out of the way so you can get a 10mm wrench on the nut. Loosen, but don't remove. You may need to pry on the arm a little to get it loose from the motor axle. Adjust the arm in the direction you noted before. Tighten the nut. Now re-connect the power and cycle the lights to see how you did. Repeat ad nauseum.

Once the light is adjusted correctly in the raise/lower cycle, check to see if it is still too high or low. Loosen the three 5mm allen bolts that hold the motor, and fiddle. Get it as close as you can.

Still not right? Now adjust the pivot points for the headlight. One is in the trunk with another three 5mm bolts, one is jammed behind the turn signal inside the wheel wheel with two 5mm bolts. [I pulled the front wheels as my race car sits too low to get in there otherwise.] Adjust these fore/aft to align the headlight with the body seams. Don't go too far forward or it will rub. Adjust up and down for tilt of the light. Here's the key: ROTATE the mounts to raise and lower the headlight. I found it easier to do the one in the fender well first, then the one in the truck.

My out-of-adjustment headlights have bugged me for years and I'm glad to have finally gotten it done.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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