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Keep or Sell

I think its really a honest matter of what you want and what makes you happy.

And it really depends on what school or rehelm of the car world you existed prior.

I think you find more purity amongest Porsche owners and so a good many would attempt too tell you that you should sell and go with a 930 if you wanted a turbo platform for a good many reasions some silly and others factual.

You already have a excellent 3.2, the question is can you find a 930 in good enough condition with out a lot of storys and issues.

In my opinion why make a clone, why not just make your car something more than a just a Carerra or 911 Turbo.

I think it really all comes down too a matter of what your trying to acomplish.
I have seen many SC's and 3.2 Carerra's turbocharged. And with no problems if done correctly. That is if you coverd the basic's and do not attempt to exceed a reasionable boost level and many have produced 300hp+ on around 5-7.5psi.
So you you could run just under half bar and be good.

I would recommend some upgrades though, and this is where it gets twitchy.
You are going too need management, the routes are endless.
The good thing is you dont have CIS, so things are much more tidy and clean cut in that arena.

Most the vehicles that were boosted did not convert too a twin plug set up.
All ran on 91 grade fuel.

Other areas and I am not going to go on much further because if you want you can just PM me. But I would think at the least one of two options the 993 TT cylinder head studs or ARP, and there are some other good items out there.

I would strongly recommend some other things too.
With modern technologies on the market you could make a very potent 3.2~

But then again it is going to always be a 3.2 possibly parts corrected too a 930 Turbo variant. I think you already have a nice car and should consider the quality of a new vehicle vs what you have already.

if you whent with a early turbo you would need to upgrade certant tid bits and pieces of the system, and if you got the later generations/variants you could do upgrades but you then struggle with finding a car in a good clean bill of health.

I think the performance charictor is subjective & in the eye of the beholder.

Remember what I listed was a general and not specific what needs to be vs that it is possible and has had good results. Remember too the gearing on the 915 gear box is significantly different from that of the Turbo's. And with proper mapping and turbo sizing and a properly matched intercooler & upgraded oil coolers and what not you would be very very amazed with the gains.

So its a matter of do you modife a existingly good vehicle vs attempt to find a vehicle and upgrade it acordingly and so on.

Anyways I must be going now, drop me a PM if you want too pick my brain or something because I can give you some sources if required.

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