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what glue is best to use?

the other day, when it was hot and humid in NE and since I have removed the AC, I decided to drive home from work with the sunroof open and both windows down. just after I lowered the driver's side, I flicked the passenger's side and a loud pop and crunch noise followed. the window dropped about 1", but it didn't go down, nor did it go back up. I could hear the motor still whirring in both directions, but no window movement.

I quickly taped the window up to the frame with some duct tape to make sure it didn't slide down inside and break... and t hen drove home... hot, sticky, pissed-off and curious...

today I opened the door panel to discover the window had freed itself from the rubber and the top bar on the regulator. I tested the motor and mechanism and all is well, but the regulator and rubber needed some work.

I cleaned out the top track which had some topical rust inside and cleaned both inside the rubber and removed some of the track's rust from the outside. when I read my 930 manual about the window, it didn't say anything about 'fastening either track, rubber or window'

I assume this needs to be glued... the rubber to the window and the rubber to the track.

what kind of adhesive is best for this... silicone? epoxy? acrylic? anyone with some prior experience want to give me a clue...

I'm planning on using "super epoxy"; the same stuff I use to build my golf clubs. I figured the track-rubber-glass is not going to see more stress than an impact of titanium at 110 mph to a rock hard plastic covered ball.

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