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Alan, forget the gauge in the dash. Use the stick when the engine is hot and at idle. The reason people run the oil between the two marks on the stick rather than at the top mark is due to hard cornering. In hard cornering it can cause the oil to come out of the top of the tank and get sucked in by the engine. The engine has its oil fed from the bottom of the tank so it is very unlikely to ever starve of oil. You have more chance of debris blocking an oilway as the oil is only filtered on the way out of the engine. To make things worse nearly all our cars don't even have the oil that comes out of the turbo filtered before it goes back in the tank...
And yes, the oil tank does have some kind of baffles. It's a good idea with these cars to remove and clean out the oil tank as carbon/sludge can build up in there and block the cam spray bars...
The sump of the engine is only used to catch the used oil and is then pumped back in to the oil tank via the filter.

As for the ball I was speaking of, yes, it is a stock part and is under the pressure switch. The banjo bolt which doubles as an adapter for the pressure switch has a special groove in it for the ball to hit.

OK, if you want to use the oil level gauge then as was said, just look at it at idle when hot. It takes a few secs for the oil in the tank to stabilise so it can give a reading anyway so red lights are pretty good for that. But IMO it's only really there to see that you haven't blown an oil line It's useless when you are driving on the track.
Oh, I think we solved your problem, it would seem you are running an extra gallon of oil
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