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Originally Posted by Alan L View Post
Nathan, I know nothing about a ball bearing in the oil feed line - I guess I should check. Is this the restrictor mentioned above. Can the turbo feed get excessive.
Yes, and yes.

930 Oil Drip Tank Fills When Engine Is Off -->Causes smoking
3.3 Turbo oil inlet

I am topping it up during the day - usually put about 500 mls in it. I am topping it until the indicator gauge registers positive oil level under max acceleration.
Nope. Indicator gauge is usually quite accurate, but you have to appreciate that it's entirely meaningless except for when conditions are correct to check the oil on the stick; oil hot, level ground, leave at idle for at least 30 seconds for oil to return to the tank and any excess foam to settle etc.

Don't even look at the gauge at any other time (although it's a useful device for indicating the continued presence of oil in the system - once you know what it reads/should read with a correct oil level).

Speaking of "correct" oil level - a lot of people like to use a maximum fill level between the two lines. If you overfill (or the oil gets hotter than normal), it'll only puke out the breather into, if I'm not mistaken, the airbox.

Search for "mosquito fogger" in the N/A forum.

Looking for another cause. There is oil in the intake tract. I found it there in my post purchase strip down and posted a query. The answer was that this might be normal if driven hard?
For some value of "normal".
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