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Originally Posted by spence88mph View Post
Hey Andy, when you say 'rubber elbow' I asume you're referring to the Porsche OEM plastic elbow part? That's easily gotten deleted, I don't run it as mine kept popping off under boost, you just need to get a hose fitting somewhere in the intake path for the ICV and the brake booster, presently mine are tapped into the AFM but you could tap them anywhere.
Didn't know that that was plastic Would you mind posting a picture of how you're connecting to the intake to the throttle body? I just presumed that it would take 3-4 vertical inches to connect to the throttle body regardless of how you were doing it.

Originally Posted by spence88mph View Post
you don't think it would be enough? You're crushing my next project plans! You don't think the above posted intercooler would be sufficient?
What are your intercooler plans currently? It seems like you already have most of it figured out and that it's not as much of an issue as I thought. I guess an additional 3" of cooling fins/tubes could make a notable difference in some cases, now that I think about it. On a front to back IC the longest cooling tubes/fins I could use is 5", so 3" would be a 60% increase. Not shabby!

Originally Posted by patkeefe View Post
Ok, I'll chime in a bit. My water injection works very well, just as good if not better than air-air. If it's hot out, you can't get any approach on the condenser lower than ambient. My instrumentation suggests that it is hotter at the air inlet and past the throttle body than one would suspect. I can maintain under 120F temps at the track in the airbox, which is better than an air-to -air unit will get. I have shut the water injection off at the Glen as a test and saw 200F air in the airbox. The downside is a bit more maintenance (filling the water resorvoir counts as maintenance), and keeping the nozzle clean.

I did once speak to Gearhard at Bell, very sharp guy. I aslo spoke to the guys in Phoenix (Turbokraft, maybe), also very sharp guys. If I had to go air-to air, I would get the Phoenix guys to build me one. The biggest problem is the severe lack of room if you want to keep a no spoiler/wing/tray tail, although the 3.2 setup seems to bee a bit more roomy.


One nozzle, and a flow switch, all the rest is tucked away:
80 degree drop at the Glen? VERY impressive! I like this solution a lot because it doesn't add clutter or weight to the engine compartment, adds zero turbo lag, and it seems to be a less involved venture than a water to air IC. I've read that a lot of guys use windshield washer fluid. It's cheap and has up to 50% methanol for added effectiveness. When you're off the track, how many gallons of water/methanol do you go through on a tank of gas?

Pat, could you describe how you tapped into the windshield washer reservoir for this? How difficult it was? Any pics? Thanks!
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