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Originally Posted by beepbeep View Post

If possible, I advice not to use dial-style boost and to let that part be handled by ECU. Reason for this is that you can connect ECU to control the boost in such way that it keeps wastegate totally shut until preset boost is achieved, then open it just enough to keep that bost.

Also, you can connect it in differential fashion (feeding boost signal trough solenoid to the top portion of the bell), thus further enhancing the spring force that keeps the valve seated. This will guarantee zero boost creep and best possible spoolup. Also, it will prevent "oh, let's see what this knob do...hmm, why does engine sounds funny?"-problems.

MBC is mechanical device and will start opening the wastegate in advance, in "analog" fashion. This might or might be not be felt, YMMV.

Hmmm, seems i am getting a lot of feedback along this line. Goran, havent checked with my shop for input, but will any boost actuating solenoid work for this application, such as the one here ?
If this is indeed the safest way to go, then as much as i like the MBC concept, will steer to the EBC.

Gabriel, you're the man if you can locate a factory knob! FYI - I've started to talk up your possible road trip to NC in the 'Blackbird' to see the GTR , so make sure your guys are on schedule to finish up by the time you get back from Iraq BTW, my friend Matt Drendle just added the 'Bad Boyz' 3.6 turbo and Mobil 1 GT1 to his collection, and said it should be fine if we wanted to stop by his place on the way to the 'Tail of the Dragon' Gonna be a helluva trip if you can make it.
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