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Originally Posted by d3m0n1z3d View Post
First of all.. Hello everyone

Second of all.. I can't sleep(Seriously).. put a cash deposit on the car till I can move some investment money around.. but before I fully commit I have a few questions/concerns I was hoping this knowledgeable community could help me out with.

The car has 114k miles, has had four previous owners, and -seems- like it drives fine. This is the first Porsche of any kind I've ever driven or ridden in, but I've driven turbo cars before, so that amazing feeling is familiar to me.

On to the questions;
1. As an air cooled car, I'm assuming a somewhat rough idle for a few minutes after start-up isn't unusual (After it had warmed up it idle'd at ~900rpm from what I remember seeing on the tachometer anyway, but did so without a single blip)?
What temperature was it when it was started ? Was it totally cold ? I'd not worry about this too much as you can see from other threads, it's a fixable condition if the initial start isn't silky smooth
2. After having him drive the car initially, then letting me drive (I like getting a feel for how previous owners drove their car.. though I'm sure they don't drive as spirited with a passenger) to get a feel for how the gearbox and clutch would act with me driving (observational learner..), having never driven a Porsche before.
Question being this; it was almost impossible to "feel" when the transmission was in gear, not that I missed any gears.. but it was almost like.. it was just a really unresponsive feeling, and not what I expected from all the horror stories I've read about early'ish 911's (maybe this is not unusual for the 930's, forgive my if it is).My concerns would be how fast did you try to shift it?? After 100K I'd be concerned that the synchro's might be getting tired.

3. The car has Recaro seats.. but.. these things seemed giant, had armrests, with electronic controls on them. While they felt better than my recliner at home they seemed to take up a massive amount of room, and made the driving position seem cramped (Not to mention going into 2nd gear literally had the shiftknob resting on the right edge of the seat. Would this be a problem with stock Porsche seats (Or other.. smaller Recaro seats)? not sure if that's just the way the cabin of the car is set-up.
Sooooo the PO put lazy boys where the seats used to be ??? Ditch em!!!
4. The car seemed pretty "jumpy" on the highway, not that it was a particularly nice stretch of road, but the car seemed ultra responsive to my every input, and liked to try going with the grooves in the road. Is that normal, or could it be worn bushing, old suspension, the BBS wheels, the particular tires on the car?
there was also a slight amount of shaking above 65mph (I assume that would be fixed with a tire balance??) Remember you're basically driving a 300 hp go cart!!! Sounds like tire balance to me
5. After about 20 minutes of us driving it around, we returned, and I let the car idle for about 5 minutes, while talking about the car. When we exited I smelled a bit a burning oil, but there were no drops what-so-ever on the ground, but I did notice a "wet spot" on what looked like a bracket for the exhaust, so it could be leaking, just not enough to drip.. but is that something I should consider a red flag?
You absolutely need a PPI from an independant source!!! I'm sure Grady Clay or others can recommend a good one in CO.

WHEW! Sorry that was so long-winded, and I'm sure I'll be hearing about the search button, and how I should know these things just through intuition..

Thanks in advance! (And maybe I can get some sleep now)
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