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Originally Posted by x98boardwell View Post
Yes, I agree, I chose to keep the oil separator... just cleaned it up since it had 21 years of oil residue on it. It is important that if you decide to take this off, you need to make sure you vent that tank still. At least if it does build up pressure the oil will come out of the vent rather than into the CIS.

Regarding the turbo (K27S) from Imagine and Ultimate Motorwerks. I know that the stock 3DLZ, KKK or whatever we are calling it is in no way comparable to the K27S, but that turbo has 96,000 miles and the shaft has absolutely no play in any direction. My concern is that the standard turbo could handle if there was an oil issue (starvation or too much) but the K27S cannot.

The car is bone stock except the Turbo, Exhaust and IC. I would think that since the K27S does not need any restrictions or increased oil flow over the standard Turbo.... why did mine go bad so quickly?

Your thoughts are welcomed?

Hi Bryan,
When I refer to the KKK, I'm referring to the whole family of KKK turbochargers. That includes the 3LDZ, K-27, etc. Maybe Kevin of Ultimate or Stephan of Imagine can chime in, but I was under the impression that the compressor side of the K27S or HFS(I can't remember the nomenclature) is what makes the turbo's unique. I thought these compressors retained the same type of bearing and seal as their predecessors. Hopefully they will read this thread and chime in.

The turbo seal could have failed which then caused the bearing to fail in no time at all. I'm assuming that you are using the same type of oiling circuit that came from Porsche.

You mentioned in a previous message about how people test to see if the scavenging sump pump is working properly. All you have to do is disconnect the scavenge line from the turbo drip tank and place it in a container and place the container below the drip tank to catch the oil. With the engine running, the scavenge pump should be able to keep up with the discharge from the turbo.

When you get your new turbo, it is important the turbo is "primed" with oil so that the turbo has oil inside so it is not starved for oil on first start-up. I generally prime the turbo from the top, adding just enough oil that oil starts dripping from the drip tank. Then hook up the feed and scavenge lines.
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