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My fiance is cheating on me and addicted to meth

I really don't feel like typing it all out again, so I'm just copy+pasting it from my myspace blog. I tried to edit cursing. I'm just really not very happy right now

So this past Friday evening, Melissa goes to work, and sends me a text message saying she went out drinking with a friend and just crashed at her place. No problem. So Saturday morning I call a few times, no answer. So I text her asking if she's coming home. She texts me back "Sorry, I'll be home tomorrow, I LOVE YOU!". I call a few times throughout the day, but she never answers. I texted her a few times, and no answer there either. I start to worry. Sunday rolls around, and she finally texts me again, saying "I'll be home tomorrow, I PROMISE!!!" But she doesn't come home. For that matter, she doesn't answer the phone, or respond to text messages. Odd. I call both places she works, and they haven't seen her either. She showed up Saturday morning to get her paycheck from one place, and that's all anyone has seen her. She's missed a few days of work, and won't answer the phone when she calls.

So naturally, I'm pretty worried. I'm a bit angry, too. She and I recently got engaged, and set "the date" for January 2010. We had been doing very well, at least I thought. Then suddenly BAM! She disappears, and no one knows where she is. She won't call. She isn't at work. What's up? I send her a text saying that this is a really messed up thing to pull on someone she's engaged to. No response. I call. Her phone is turned off, goes straight to voice mail. I'm worried sick. This is the love of my life, and I don't even know if she's safe? What's going on?

Monday shows up. I hear nothing the entire day. She doesn't answer her phone or respond to texts. I go to work that night, worried as *****, praying to the god I don't believe in that she's okay. On my PT break, I run out to my car, hoping that maybe there's a message on my phone saying "I'm sorry about these past few days. I'm coming home." But nothing. Nothing on Tuesday either. Nothing. Something is not right here. I send her a text saying if she isn't home or if I haven't heard from her by the next day, I"m going to the police and reporting her missing. I'm worried sick. No response.

And so Wednesday morning, about 4 hours ago actually, as I get off work I get a bright idea (thanks Ssgt Luna!) to check her cell phone. We share a family plan, which I pay for, so I was able to see all her recent calls. Oh, someone has been calling a lot over the past few days. But does she call me, her fiance? No. What is going on here?

So I start calling the numbers on there. The first one I call, some guy answers and says "Oh, Melissa? Yeah, she's fine! She's just been hanging out with my wife! They're at the mall shopping right now."

What the f*ck? Did I hear this guy correctly? Yes, I did.

So I call the next number. A guy answers, I tell him she's missing and ask if he knows anything. He says no, he's worried too though, 'cause he hasn't heard from her in a while. He asks who I am. "Oh, I'm her fiance," I reply. There is a pause on the other end. As it turns out, this guy was her other boyfriend. They had been together for about 3 weeks. Sleeping together, too. This is great. He tells me the story she told him: Melissa told him she moved here with "some guy" (me) that lied to her and cheated on her, so she left him. Interesting. Also, a complete LIE.

So, my beloved fiance, the absolute love of my life. I've never loved anyone like her. She refuses to talk to me, and apparently she's f*cking someone else. Great. But it gets better.

I send her a text, saying I know about her boyfriend, and she is to return my car to me or I'm reporting the car stolen in a few hours. No reply of course. I also text her saying that I'm putting her stuff in boxes, and she's not welcome here anymore. WELL WELL WELL, as I'm pulling her clothes out of drawers and putting them into boxes, what do I find? A lighter and a small bag with little white rocks and powder in it. Yes, that's right. METH!! I should have pissed on her stuff right there. But no, me being the nice guy I am, I put her stuff in boxes fairly neatly, labeled them with her name and even wrote "heavy, lift carefully" on them and placed them outside. And so right now I'm wondering how much of everything she said was a complete lie.

It's just a really messed up thought. She's the love of my life. She completes me. We've known each other for almost 6 years. I've spent over 6 thousand dollars flying her out to Hawaii, moving her and her stuff out here. I've helped her pay off debts, and I was in the process of helping her fix her credit. I gave her a wonderful life full of love and support. I clothed her, I fed her, I gave her shelter. I never judged her for her past. I was 100% open with her about everything. I bought her a beautiful engagement ring. And in the end, she turned out to be a meth-addicted liar that was ****ing someone else for the past month. And she has has my car! So all that time, all those memories, all of that LOVE... It was all for nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a f*cking thing in this god d*mn world. I guess I should be glad she has my $300 beater and not my vintage Porsche 911.
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