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Can we compile definitive clutch slave cylinder fix thread?

I'm hoping by starting this thread that those who've had the dreaded clutch slave cylinder failure can share their experience by linking to past posts, sharing photos taken, and detailing solutions, both tried-and-failed and tried-and-true. I myself have recently had a slave cylinder failure. My first indication was not a performance shortfall of the clutch (which others have had -- see Clutch Not Disengaging - Advice?), but upon changing the fluid, I noted the distinctive smell of 90W gear oil. While I only have a little over 7000 miles on my second-hand '03 (manf. in 09/02) BCR, the bike has been unridden for long periods of time. I am not sure at this point if that is a contributing factor or not.

Another symptom is that upon emptying the clutch reservoir I discovered rust colored sediment at the bottom. Unfortunately, I only have a shot after I emptied it due to camera/computer issues. Because this sediment was heavier than the DOT 4, it sunk to the bottom so when I first took off the cover, everything appeared to be fine. That is, it looked honey colored although I was admittedly operating in low light. Actually on second thought, the fluid that I bled off initially from the bleed valve (by the rear shock) was pinkish in color so I should've realized at that point something wasn't quite right. I admittedly lack a lot of experience in twisting wrenches on a boxer, but I try to make up for that by not being afraid to try. Anyway, here's the shot of the sediment.

When you see something suspicious like this, the next step is to trace it to its source. In this case, that's the slave cylinder which is located underneath the air box, in front of the swing arm / shock. Fortunately, you do not have to unbolt the rear subframe as the service manual indicates. You *only* have to remove the rear wheel and remove the rear shock. Be sure to support the Paralever. With the removal of three allen bolts, the slave cylinder comes out by tiltling it up at the rear to clear the "cross beam." See page two of "jweicht's" thread Clutch Not Disengaging - Advice? for pics or below for how mine looked (not good).

Another thread that I found interesting was this one where a couple folks talk about drilling a weep hole. I don't quite know where specifically that weep hole should go or what specific symptoms indicate it is necessary. Don't bother reading to the end btw ... no conclusion to the original problem other than "it went away."
Clutch, Funny Smell, and Weird Lever Feel??????

More below and for those of you with more experience in this forum and/or with this problem specifically, can you please offer additional links and/or advice?
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